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My whole life has always been about the "WHY." Why are we here? Why is this idea great or bad? Why do we need to travel? Why are we using technology the way we do?  


My page is about the "WHY"! It is about amazing people, great projects, a fantastic company, and vision as well as a challenging hobby. I want to give you insides into my world of a 32-year-old tech entrepreneur, traveling the world with the mission to build the biggest cultural network. I will be writing about amazing people who came through my way; maybe you are going to read about “you”! Be grateful and never give up!


Patrick (@ptomelitsch)

Making culture a priority

Access to different cultures, the history of countries, and different subjects of humanities helps us to better understand the world.


How could we specifically help artists, cultural institutions, and other players within the industry? - WeAreAllCulture


Coronavirus is omnipresent. 2020 will be a challenging year. For Austria, for the world, for us as humans in general. Let's help together!

Coronavirus: Hopes and Chances

The Coronavirus hit the world hard within the last couple of weeks. What started in Wuhan (China) soon became a global topic in all media.

Urban View From Above


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