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Last time I was talking a bit about our #HelpingWithCultural places initiative. We are selling our walking tours on and donate a part to our Austrian partner, Volkshilfe. They support people in need, especially now during COVID-19. Besides that initiative, my team and I thought about the cultural sector as well. We asked ourselves: How could we specifically help artists, cultural institutions, and other players within the industry? We talk to many of them about the situation daily. Photographers, artists, writers, and speakers. The list goes on and on.

Billi Thanner about "WeAreAllCulture" (c) Chaluk #WeAreAllCulture is our answer and support we give to the sector where we have been working in the last couple of years. Our second project makes local culture visible to the world. We create unique exhibitions with artists in every field. The first one is already online and has the title "Vienna United - Culture Against Corona." The presentation shows the work of 10 very talented creatives and how they cope with the current situation of staying at home and the other boundaries they face right now. As a little extra, we added some audio statements of the artists as well.

WeAreAllCulture - Sarah Braid is part of the first exhibition There is also financial support and benefit for every participant. As already known from our first initiative, we share our revenue with the artists who are part of our digital exhibitions. This concept is the first small step for us to show unique and creative content on our platform and support the industry at the same time. As we are going to publish one to two new exhibitions every week and already started to establish lots of media partnerships, our reach is continuously growing. This growth gives us an excellent chance to support the cultural sector over the next months and years. But as always: An initiative such as #WeAreAllCulture demands commitment and dedication from every stakeholder involved. During the upcoming weeks, we are going to have further talks with political parties, ministries, and the public sector here in Austria to support the initiative and help us making local artists and their work even more visible locally and also internationally. Every one of you can help with the purchase of a digital exhibition or a share on social media. Help us to spread the word and support a whole industry together.

Patrick at the Graben in Vienna - "Everyone can be part" (c) Chaluk What's next from our side? We continuously work on new exhibitions, media partnerships, and technical features to allow a smooth user experience on our platform. We will start by adding some video footage and additional payment methods very soon. Also, we already think about different ways of presenting you with our content so that it's even more enjoyable. As we are a small and agile team, we are always open to your suggestions and wishes. Just drop me a comment here and tell me what you think. Talk to you next time! Patrick



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