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Meet Patrick Tomelitsch, a  34-year-old entrepreneur based in Vienna, Austria. As the CEO of OROUNDO Mobile, he leads the charge in building an international cultural platform, Cultural Places. With clients worldwide and locations in Europe and Southeast Asia, OROUNDO is a dynamic technology company on the rise. In addition to his role at OROUNDO, Patrick is a partner and shareholder in Three For One Trading, a Vienna-based trading company for Magic: The Gathering cards. He also owns his own IT and management consulting business.


Born and raised in Carinthia, southern Austria, Patrick's passion for media and communication science led him to study it and finish his degree there. He is also deeply interested in politics, culture, art, and travel. He is also enthusiastic about business topics, technology, and maintaining physical and mental fitness. Magic: The Gathering has played a significant role in his life since his early days, allowing him to connect with different cultures and people worldwide.



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