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Imprint & Disclaimer

EDITOR: Patrick Tomelitsch Consulting  | Ohmanngasse 16/1/11 1190 Wien | Tel.: +43 (664) 213 1458 | E-Mail: | Jurisdiction: Wien | Website:


EDITORIAL POLICY: This Blog is a periodical medium of PATRICK TOMELITSCH CONSULTING informing about new technologies and marketing tools, amongst others in the area of culture.




DISCLAIMER: The licensee does not take any responsibility for the correctness and completeness of the provided information nor warranty for the availability of the representational website. Any liability for direct, indirect or other damages, independent of cause, originating from this website will be excluded to the extent as it is legally permissible.


COPYRIGHT: The editor has the copyright of all photographs. The eventual use of pictures needs to be clarified with the editor. In other images are displayed on this page, then only with the permission of the photographer, the copyrights of which are not with PATRICK TOMELITSCH CONSULTING.


LINKS: The content and legality of Websites, which are linked from the editor, cannot be verified for their correctness. Moreover, the editor does not take any responsibility and therefore is not liable for such contents.


PROTECTION OF PRIVACY: All individual-related data is treated by the Data Privacy Act as well as the Telecommunications Act. We guarantee that no individual-related information will be provided to a third party or processed.


INFRINGEMENT OF INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY RIGHT: If you assume a property right abuse was originating from this page, please inform us immediately via email so that remediation measures can be taken right away. Please note: The editor´s engagement of a lawyer for a payable written warning does not correspond with the editor´s real and presumptive will.

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