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Making culture a priority

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

The world is constantly changing. We are experiencing not only the separation of cultures and terrorist attacks in the middle of Europe but also a worldwide pandemic that leads to several lockdowns and turning points in our private lives. We live in a world where fear, fake news, insecurity, and society's division seem to take over. For us, there is one thing that unites us and can help to overcome this critical phase of humanity - culture.

Access to different cultures, the history of countries, and different subjects of humanities helps us to better understand the world. Unfortunately, easy access and real-life experiences have been suffering a lot lately due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The rising number of infection rates leads to closed museums, worldwide restrictions in traveling, and leisure activities. This current state makes it incredibly hard to communicate and to stay in touch with people, travelers, and cultural enthusiasts. It has become more difficult for cultural businesses to share their offers and uniqueness with their target groups.

(c) Rymden

Fortunately, there is a way out. Cultural institutions and global tourism are almost at standstill. Doors are closed, people must stay home. Digitalization in these fields is now more critical than ever, which you can also read in articles of the UNWTO here:

or the OECD here:

The worldwide pandemic has become a shock to the cultural industry. It is now highly crucial to think about alternatives in communication, content distribution, and audience outreach. Therefore, it is essential to break down the barriers and enhance cooperation with active companies and start-ups in culture-tech. It is also without question that every initiative needs active public support. The cultural industry has been the loser of the pandemic so far. Now it is time to set new standards and help the industry rise again - globally.

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The three main pillars that are needed to realize a long-term change and growth are:

1) Digitalization The need for alternative ways to communicate and use technology during the pandemic.

2) Partnerships Cooperation with companies within the industry who are striving for a change. Cultural Places offers support in the fields of content, technology, marketing, and smart ticketing. These partnerships also provide new revenue streams and innovative business models to the shaken industry.

3) Public Support It is important to work closely together with authorities, political parties, and governments - culture must be a priority.

Growth Triangle (c) culturalplaces

We invite everyone to be part of this movement to connect culture globally and make it accessible to everyone. The cultural industry needs a platform that makes it easy for users to learn, entertain, and to share positivity with others. For cultural businesses, institutions, and cultural districts, it is essential to have a strong partner with useful tools to keep in touch with and grow their audience, find new ways of generating revenue, and take away the whole digitalization process burden. 

There are solutions out there to help and take away the fear of fast-changing times.

You can get an overview of our platform here.

(c) culturalplaces

Let's grow together!

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