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Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Coronavirus is omnipresent. 2020 will be a challenging year. For Austria, for the world, for us as humans in general. We can see significant changes occurring. We are just passengers and live day by day. We question our past and look into an uncertain future.

We are facing restrictions in nearly every country. The daily routines of every one of us needed to change dramatically. We work from home; we are not allowed to go out for dinner; we cannot travel or visit friends and family.

What does that mean for my company and me? What kind of challenges do we face, and what can we do to proactively help and at least contribute a bit during times like this? What can we do to help others while also staying in business and potentially hitting a milestone?

My team and I put this question as our main priority for the last couple of weeks. As a company operating within the travel and culture industry, Corona also hit us pretty hard.

Our main product, Cultural Places, is designed to be every traveler's guide by using only the smartphone. We create virtual city tours, audio guides for museums, and other experiences containing culture, art, history, and local highlights. After the Coronavirus outbreak, one significant component got cut off of our plan - international traveling.

So, what to do next? How to change and adapt the model to work in the current situation where everyone needs to stay home? Asking ourselves these questions, we came up with the idea of bringing creative and inspiring experiences directly to your sofa. What we created is a "from-home" mode so that everyone can access our content directly via the web. Very easy to get, very easy to use and explore. Quality content for everyone. A useful alternative to binge-watching Netflix series every night. People can learn about local and international culture, art, history, and other exciting content.

But that's not all. We also thought about contributing to society and people in need while setting up and spreading our project. Therefore, we created the #HelpingWithCulturalPlaces initiative and partnered up with Volkshilfe Austria, an Austrian company helping out people in need. For every digital tour we sell, 50% of the net profit goes directly to the Volkshilfe fund to support people in need.

Sounds interesting? Check out our website for exciting content, incredible stories, start contributing as well. #HelpingWithCulturalPlaces describes one of the two movements we recently started. There is another one supporting the art-world, especially. I am going to write about the second initiative called #WeAreAllCulture next time.

Leave me a comment and tell me your thoughts about the current situation. How are you handling it? If you are working in our industry, can we help you?

Stay healthy! Stay home!


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