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Coronavirus: Hopes and Chances

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

The Coronavirus hit the world hard within the last couple of weeks. What started in Wuhan (China) soon became a global topic in all media. As numbers of infections and deaths are still rising steadily, countries all over the world took some massive actions to prevent the virus from spreading. You can feel the impact of basically every situation of life and many business areas. Recently, the famous carnival in Venice got canceled, the same goes for the MCW in Barcelona. You can read the statement here:

Also, for us, the virus outbreak led to quite a dealy on our primary market, Asia, as well as an abrupt need for changing, or better adapting, the strategy to it. As our eyes had been mainly in Hong Kong for the last 14 months, first the protests and now the Coronavirus outbreak made things quite challenging. But there is always a chance, also when things seem to turn dark, right?

For those who don't know what our business about, here are some quick facts. We are developing a digital platform for interested cultural travelers, and we give cultural institutions, sites, and landmarks a mouthpiece to reach audiences with their exciting content and stories. We mainly focus on digital tours, audio, video, and high-quality content. You can check it out here:

Where are the chances for a small travel-business in times where millions of people are not allowed or don't want to travel because of the omnipresent risk factor? We see ourselves as the missing link for government and tourist boards to all those people staying at home for now. We are helping to communicate, share information, and stories to people wherever they are and support institutions to keep in touch with their audience for a time post corona.

Government around the world places significant funds and help for businesses and individuals to help them get through the crisis, but more importantly, prepare for a fruitful time after things are on track again. Here is a useful link for you to get an idea about it:

I also want to motivate people and business owners around the world to stand together more closely and help people, businesses, or even countries through a crisis like that. Many people lost their jobs; traditional business models are not working anymore. It is time to offer and implement innovations, help, and grow together.

Reach out for me at any time for questions, ideas, or merely some brainstorming.


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