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Weekly goals (be social!)

Welcome back to my page. I hope you had a wonderful time so far. It is always very hard in the beginning, they say, right? Well, I think it is important to grow with the tasks and value all the feedback I can get. Writing is not one of my talents and it unfortunately never was before. This needs to be changed. Or better, I want it to be better. Let we know what you think about it and what I can do better.

In this post, I want to give you a short overview of how I am going to structure my content on a daily and weekly basis. I put a lot of thoughts into it and checked out many others sites, and there was always something I did not like much (most of the time): No clear patterns and things you can look forward to related to content. This is what I wanted to change on my page and all related social media accounts. Therefore, I completely moved away from artificial content to personal stories, with a highlight post weekly on this page. Hope that you like it.

Note: All of my weeks will end with a little thing I learned, and I am grateful for. This also deserves an own hashtag in #weeklylearning.

Here are the main topics my content will be about daily. I try to be as personal as possible and give you some insights in my journey, my challenges as well as challenges for our team.


Motivation is one of the most important things to me. Everyone has rough times; we all know. It is always important to step back a bit, refocus ond constantly keep going. There are some great motivational accounts out there, but also I heard a lot of great quotes and stories from mentors and partners.


Without a good team, it is tough to achieve what you want. I am grateful every day for all the people who are joining me on my way. I will also give some insights about the way we work and who is behind our international projects.

Culture and Creativity:

I will be on the road wherever I am at the moment in the world. I am going to visit all kinds of cultural institutions and cultural places and let you know how they inspired me. As I am a huge art lover and I think, art is one of the most important languages that exists, and it deserves way more commitment.

Magic, the Gathering:

I already know that this topic will be strange for some of my readers and I love it already. This content will mostly be about my favorite hobby and the game, so many of us love, Magic, the Gathering. Magic always has a particular spot in my heart and life as it gave me access to the world with only 15 years of age. I am also very proud to be part of a fantastic Magic, the Gathering company.


I am going to tell and show you more about technology trends I, and we follow as well as things we are working on as a company. There is so much to talk about here, Blockchain, Beacons, AI, etc., I hope to add value to your life with that.

Stories and Learning:

I meet so many people and hear great, different stories regularly. I want to share as many of them with you and hope that it will enrich your daily life a bit.

That's it for now. I hope you like this plan and schedule.

Can't wait to hear your feedback.

More to come...

All the best!


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