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  • Patrick Tomelitsch

Business and health - a challenge

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

I guess many people struggle with the same problem. How to stay in healthy and in shape and still dedicate most of the time into performance and growing the business?

That is quite a challenge, also for me. I ask myself that question nearly every day, try out things and still 'don't have the correct answer on all the topics. Maybe, this is also not what we all should aim for as a goal? Well, this is not a how-to guide of getting in shape or improving your mental state and health, because I am still far away from it by myself. But, I want to give you some insides in the routines, tools, apps, books, and videos that help me reach my goal in small but constant steps.

It started all a couple of years ago, late 2014 to be exact. I founded my first business. Time changed dramatically for me as did my lifestyle and habits. Traveling more, eating out way too often, occasional drinking here and there stepped into my life rapidly. I was not afraid about it, no, I liked it, and it feels right to me. My body had something else to say about that, like many of you might guess.

I put on quite some weight. Not to call me fat, but I started to feel uncomfortable within my body, and it became present more and more. Most of it came from inconsequent eating habits, especially while traveling. When you're sitting on the plane for long distance flights for basically every month, it can crash your "normal" eating habit instantly. Suddenly, you have free drinks, free food, great airport lounges and this appealing "Now I am allowed to" feeling. I think I am not the only one on the planet to experience that, I know, and this encouraged me even more to write a few lines about it. For everyone out there, take care of your self, you only have one body and one life, staying healthy on a physical and mental stage will protect you from a lot of bad things like stress, anxiety or even underperformance and laziness. I experienced all of it.

What helped me out were smaller and more significant changes in how I use the 24 hours of the day I have. I want to give you some insights into the tools and routines I found out to be effective. Maybe, they are not the best for all of you, but for me, they are finally working. And this is it, what it is all about.

Planning the day:

Many people call me crazy because of that, but I try to plan and schedule most of the things in my daily life. This planning also includes fixed workouts, eating windows and of course, meetings and travel schedules. I recently started to do that as well for my private life. It might sound wrong in the first place, but it helps a lot to have everything in one place and give every scheduled event its priority. I was so thankful for my most important partner in the company, to take over the internal communication part, which also includes all the tools. I am a huge fan of Microsoft Planner, Teams and OneNote now and I do not use much else besides that for planning and communication. Having all the things always ready on every device in seconds was a breakout for me.

Workout routine:

Everyone is talking about workouts. What I want to give you is a little insight into the practicability part of a workout routine. Of course, the best you can do is hitting the gym consistently and hard. I experienced the problem of not having a gym everywhere I travel to, which I started using an excuse. Same went for hard and long working days. Also here, everything changed through proper planning. I added "Gym" into the must-haves of my bookings on booking.com and added two workouts a week into my calendar, where I hit the gym hard. One push and one pull workout, mostly in the morning before anything else. In addition to that, I try to catch my daily steps goal of 10.000 steps. Therefore I used &qu