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Karajan Music Tech Conference 12.04.2019, Salzburg

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Since January this year, I did not have any stage appearances, which made me sad, to be honest. I enjoy sharing my vision as well as the mission of our team with diverse crowds. Getting feedback from people you did not know before is one of the essential things in business, but also the entire life. I was glad to be back on stage and here is my thought on this extraordinary event. If you missed the conference this time, I am going to share a video link in the end.

picture taken by Kingas.grapes
Me on stage at Karajan Music Tech, talking about OROUNDO Mobile (by kingas.grapes)

This April I was thankful to have the possibility to be on stage again as a speaker. The excellent Karajan Music Tech Conference, hosted by one of our closest advisors, Matthias Röder, was the perfect opportunity for me and us to share some thoughts about the two leading technologies we focus on currently and in the future: Machine learning and Blockchain. I was excited when I read the speaker list and found some well-known names from the tech but also the VC industry. The last couple of weeks have been all about venture capital investment and global scale for us, so I was thrilled to connect further and grow my network.

In the beginning, I was wondering, how we might fit into the conference with our vision and product, Cultural Places. The event was mainly about, how AI is changing the world of music in the future, but it turned out that we fit some holes in there and I got quite some talks and a few new good leads during the conference. Especially our internal discussions about one of Cultural Places' main features - the smart trip planner, came into my mind a lot. Our planner has mainly the purpose of putting you as the hero in every journey you take. Cannot talk too much about it yet, you can try it out shortly. Other connections to the event are our heavy focus on decentralized ticketing services, to provide tamper-proof tickets and a controlled secondary market. While you are reading this, I am sure you can already name a few industries where this is already from very high importance.

Me talking about Cultural Places. (by kingas.grapes)

Besides the connection to our products and services, several speakers were fascinating to me. I will not pick individual names here, as I learned a lot from many of them. There was this whole thinking of Machine Learning and how it can also influence entire industries in a better and more effective way. But there had also been some definite statements about projects and investments in general. One of these was as follows: