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Blockchain technology in the cultural world - between crypto fear and blockchain chance

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Museum Connections is an international tradeshow for museum businesses, gathering more than 300 exhibiting companies and 3,800 visitors each year, along with more than 20h of professional conferencing. It certainly stands for the ultimate international place for museum business, one of a kind, and this year’s edition was held in Paris. OROUNDO CEO Mr. Patrick Tomelitsch was invited as one of the panelists on a Blockchain Technology related discussion, and here we bring you his personal observations of this great event and the panel discussion he participated…

“We need to change our mindset significantly to adapt to the new world that is coming.”

– Some thoughts on technology, trust and working together as humans.

For this year’s “Museum Connections” in Paris I was asked to join a panel discussion related to Blockchain technology in the cultural sector, or individually – Blockchain ticketing and chances for the industry. As we have decided to create a strong partnership with B.A.M Ticketing, which focuses on tamper-proof, digital tickets as well as controllable secondary markets, I was delighted to accept the invitation. I was even more grateful when I heard that Sandro Debono, the director of MUZA in Malta, was to join as well, as we’ve already had some history together.

Usually, I am not the biggest fan of tradeshows and exhibitions, because it is always hard to interact with people and decision makers there. Therefore, I am very picky about the events I attend. But I can already tell you that Museum Connections was unique, and I enjoyed the time there a lot. When I first met the people from the panel, I could already feel the passion coming from what everyone was doing on an individual level, but also this feeling that we all have a lot in common. In this case, I would detect it as the “unusual way of thinking outside the box” feeling. I loved it!

Everyone on the panel had his own story to tell and to show it to the audience and especially to me where their drive to create something meaningful came from. It turned out very fast that the mix of people on the panel was perfect to mutually talk about a future within the cultural sector because they represent different stakeholders within the business. Technicians, communicators, directors, consultants, ticketing and blockchain enthusiasts.

But what also was showed, that adapting to new technologies, trying out new ideas or even rethinking our mindsets would need significant changes over the next couple of years. This is mainly because of the nowadays rapid changes within technology, society, and all the other sectors. Things are not going slowly anymore, they are fast!

Our thoughts and our way of working together, as well as our trust in each other, is the only way to achieve something significant and meaningful.

As the audience of the panel showed us clearly, it is our tasks to tell our stories understandably and straightforwardly. Building trust with our clients about what we do and what we want to achieve is the basis for decision making, especially in a market full of negativity and fraud. We must do our best and show our value to our clients, partners, and users.

I am grateful for getting the chance to contribute to an event like Museum Connections is, even though I usually get skeptical when it comes to joining a panel discussion. I am glad that I have shared our story about Blockchain Technology and that I have learned about other companies’ visions for the future. A special thanks go to the organizer Diane Drubay and moderator of our panel, Bernadine Bröcker from Vastari.

I am looking forward to working together with all of you on the future of the cultural sector.


Here you can find also a short video about the event.

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