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Humans of Culture (#humansofculture)

For nearly two years, cultural institutions and businesses have been suffering heavily from the pandemic. This situation is problematic for the sector, as it is for all of us as a society. Culture is a significant link between all humans on this planet. Culture connects and lets us understand each other in a better way. Our global culture is rich, and we all need to protect and support it as well as possible. It is necessary to give easy access to culture to everyone and drive the understanding and value which it creates for us.

Besides supporting cultural businesses and institutions with affordable and innovative technology, it's also essential to understand the thousands of cultural institutions and companies' messages. We also have to realize that humans are behind all the incredible work and creations.

To better support the sector I have been working in for over seven years, I decided to create this project, show a different side of culture, and focus on people and their voices.

Humans of Culture

How will that work?

During the following months, I will contact various people in the cultural industry and ask them four questions. These questions will be about their message, their motivation, their use of technology, and valuable information you cannot simply google. I will not specifically focus on well-known cultural brands and institutions only; every message will have its place.

I will post the outcome and input within various content formats on my blog and social media sites. Toeveryone who wants to support the project: please share it with the world, and if you think you should be a part of #humansofculture and I don't know you yet, drop me a message on one of the platforms or via e-mail. I will reach out to you!

Let's grow culture together and send a strong message to the world!

Patrick Tomelitsch

Talk to you soon!



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