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The WHY!

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Some of you might know me already quite a bit. Maybe some of you follow me on my social media pages. Perhaps some others previously communicated with me live in an event lately. Maybe others can remember the first blog tryouts I had a couple of years ago, which I stopped, unfortunately. A few of you might consider me as a friend, business partner, traveler or entrepreneur who travels the world with a clear vision.

However, I thought a long time about this step. Creating my own appearance, or in other terms, my own brand. But why? The WHY is always so crucial in basically every field and decision we are involved as a human being. So, it is present here, right now, while I am typing these words. Some words that I hope will be seen by a lot of you out there who want to connect and communicate with me. I am creating this because I want to reach out for you out there. I want to enrich your mind and soul the same way as I want to be enhanced by you. I will do my very best to achieve that – I promise!

My page will be about some areas I really and genuinely care about, from the business perspective as well as from the perspective of life. I want you to be touched and hopefully a bit enlightened and enriched by my content and shared experience. But who am I? And what am I going to write and talk about here and all over my channels?

My name is Patrick. I turned 34 this year, which made me way more mature than I thought it is going to be. I run an international tech company with a fantastic team over the last eight years. I also focus on several investments and other partnerships in the area of technology and culture. I am not bothering you now about the structure and deep insight at this point. There will be plenty of time for that. I care about technology and how it can enrich our society, especially our culture. My initial vision, Cultural Places (, is a global network for cultural institutions, art lovers and cultural enthusiasts. We want them to communicate with each other way more, without barriers and borders, wherever life and culture are happening. We support on the technology part and execute ideas together.

I am an entrepreneur who challenges himself on a daily basis, who tries to get more knowledge and connect with as many meaningful people as possible. I love connections, and I am grateful for the ones I have and the ones to become in my life. I travel the world to connect with different cultures and connect them with our vision and idea. This drive brought me to over 40 countries so far, and there is no end near. I care about art and creativity. I love seeing things evolving from scratch and helping them to be realized, whether with my business or privately.

Mag. Patrick Tomelitsch

34-year-old entrepreneur living in Vienna, Austria

Founder and CEO of Vienna | Zagreb | Banja Luka | Jakarta

Vision: The global cultural network

Owner of Patrick Tomelitsch Consulting Areas: Web3, AI, YTA, Marketing & Communication

And last, but not least I am thankful for my past and what the world gave to me as an opportunity. I started traveling the world by the age of 15 due to a fantastic card game called Magic, the Gathering. It helped me to leave any cultural and human barriers behind very fast, getting away sharper mindset and again, connecting with some of the most amazing people I met in my entire life. And also, it brought up a new business opportunity you can check out here:

This page will be about all those amazing things and all those fantastic people that make my life great and enjoyable every day. I will write about technology, culture, cultural traveling, amazing people and networks as well as Magic, the Gathering and how everything is playing together for me, Patrick, as I am writing these words.

I am not giving any predictions on how often you will be reading from me, but it will be a lot. I would appreciate a comment or any kind of feedback you have, and I am looking forward to getting in contact with you very soon!

More to come!

Take care!


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